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Imperdibile Marilyn
Palazzo degli Esami
dal 04-09-2017 al 05-11-2017
  • Imperdibile Marilyn - Palazzo degli Esami
  • Imperdibile Marilyn - Palazzo degli Esami
  • Imperdibile Marilyn - Palazzo degli Esami
  • Imperdibile Marilyn - Palazzo degli Esami
  • Imperdibile Marilyn - Palazzo degli Esami


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Exhibition dedicated to the unforgettable cinema icon.

Marilyn Monroe's goods are only auctioned in 1999. It remained intact for decades, as in a capsule of time, storage cases were opened after almost 37 years and their content was cataloged. Most of the items were sold in October 1999, generating huge international interest, even among celebrities. Thanks to the auction's success, other items were later sold by Christie's and Julien's and Marilyn's personal belongings were bought by collectors from all over the world.

In the exhibition at Palazzo degli Esami, there is space with more than 200 pieces, the largest collection of effects in the world of the diva. There are also objects of great historical and artistic importance, contextual to Marilyn's life.

The exhibition is part of the most prestigious international exhibitions that illustrate the life and the historical period of leading personalities and personalities that have made the history of our recent culture. With the show on Marilyn, in addition to the actress's myth and career, are also the periods of flourishing affirmation of Hollywood film productions. Particularly important for our cinema...

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As we all know, important connections were established right after the Second World War between the Italian cinematic productions of neorealism and the United States, where, the dry, simple, true style of Italian films and our protagonists, conquered the public With poetic and deeply human suggestions.

The exhibition on Marilyn Monroe is also a useful tool to remember this important historical and cultural bridge. Emblematic is the time of delivery of the David Donatello Prize (the Golden Targa) delivered in 1959 by our great and emotional Anna Magnani at the American Diva at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, moments underlined by the commentary Of a vibrant Ruggero Orlando in the images guarded by the Light Institute. The prestigious award was repurchased by BVULGARI and was granted to the IMPERDIBILE MARILYN exhibition for the duration of the exhibition Less Infos>> .